How to Keep Employees Safe When Working at Heights

In some industries, there is no choice but to work at high heights, which can obviously be dangerous and put your employees at great risk of a tragic accident. Even though there is certainly no 100 percent foolproof way of preventing any accidents from happening, there are steps that you can take to help keep employees safe, such as by changing up your safety regulations and using fall arrest anchors and other safety equipment. These are a few tips that you can follow if you would like to greatly reduce the chances of a tragic accident occurring.

Require and Provide Adequate Safety Training

For best results, when hiring employees who will be working at heights, you will want to choose employees who have gone to school to learn more about doing so safely. If you will be changing up your employees’ jobs and will be requiring them to work at heights when they have not had to do so in the past, you will want them to enroll in and complete this training before they ever begin completing these new tasks. Not only can requiring this help you prevent accidents, but it can also prevent you from being fined for not sticking to the required safety regulations.

Plus, along with requiring your employees to attend training, it is not a bad idea to host your own safety meetings periodically and to bring in professionals for added training. Keeping all of the safety rules fresh in your employees’ minds can help keep them safe and can help you avoid liability as well.

Invest in the Right Safety Equipment

Investing in adequate safety equipment and making sure that the equipment is up-to-date and in good shape is very important. For example, you will need harnesses, fall arrest anchors and other similar equipment for your employees to use while they are on the job.

As you can see, there are steps that you can take as an employer to help ensure that your employees are as safe as possible when they are working at heights for your business. Doing so is incredibly important for a few reasons; first of all, it can provide you with peace of mind to know that your employees are safe. Secondly, it can help you avoid liability in the event that something does happen, since you can prove that your business has taken steps to help keep employees safe in these situations. It can also help you ensure that you are fully complaint with the laws and regulations that have been put into place, so you can avoid being fined or having your business shut down. Because of all of these things, it is important to take these steps very seriously. If you would like more information, Pro-Bel has additional resources available.

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