The Changing World of Courier Services

Technological advances have enhanced and changed the work of courier services. In this increasingly mobile-connected world, the purchase of products is being carried out via mobile devices or online. These days, the buyer expects everything to be super quick—from transport, communications, food service to mail and parcel delivery.

Customers expect the orders made to be delivered to their doorsteps as soon as possible and even the slightest delays are not acceptable. Luckily, courier services are continually enhancing their services, operations and logistics to meet the growing demands by clients for prompt and efficient doorstep deliveries. But these services are also greatly impacted by macroeconomic factors and an economic slowdown could have the effect of slowing the expansion of the sector.

Route Planning Optimization

Courier, express and parcel (CEP) and postal companies continue transforming their business models with the goal of boosting reliability and speed. This fast-growing industry is employing modern technology in streamlining their business applications to meet the ever changing customer and market needs.

The majority of courier services are now applying multi-site route planning towards improving transport and delivery efficiency. Route planning is more dynamic, designed to adjust to traffic patterns. Among new adoptions is Geomatics, now a major driving force in courier services innovations.

Globalization as a Challenge

A major job that is being faced by companies in this sector is developing extensive networks and undertaking international expansion. The courier, express and parcel (CEP) service providers are responding to this emerging need through steps like creating their own air wings and exclusive small business shipping channels that can provide regular, prompt service to all parts of Canada and other countries.

The development of international networks has also set in motion a wave of widespread consolidation in the parcel and express service market. In addition, they are trying to offer high levels of quality, reliability, and predictability, something that requires the wide adoption of shipment monitoring instruments.

Customer Service Innovations

Courier companies and small business shipping services have for a long time used the company website, SMS, or a toll free hotline to provide information and access to clients. Today, they have boosted their systems with the use of new technology such as Global Positioning System (GPS) for monitoring and tracking operations. Now Canadian customers can access tracking systems when they want to check or inquire about the status of their consignment.


Even if the overall growth rates are no longer that impressive like they were about a decade ago, the courier services sector continues to grow. This rise can be traced to the growth of Internet retailing, the shrinking of warehouse space due to supply-chain optimization, and the rapid development of the just-in-time production approach. The demand for fast courier, express and parcel (CEP) services is rising, being propelled by the integration of markets and globalization. More information can be found at Flagship Courier Solutions.

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