Hiring A Confidential Document Shredding Company

If you own a business, then you know the importance of shredding confidential documents that contain important business and client information. It is important that you hire a confidential document shredding company to shred your documents. Look for a company that specializes in document destruction as their primary business. Paper shredding can take place at your location or off-site. Follow a few tips to find the right shredding company that fits your needs.

How to Choose a Shredding Company

Over half of the business security breaches are accidental in nature. Outsourcing your shredding needs will improve the security of your business. Look for the seal of approval from the National Association for Information Destruction. Companies that choose this certification agree to abide by the NAID safety standards. Ask the company if they offer additional services such as hard drive shredding services.

Check the company’s reputation by searching for online reviews. Make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. Ask the company if there are any hidden charges and get an exact quote. Determine whether you want on-site or off-site paper shredding services.

Document Security Management

Develop a regular system with your shredding company to automatically pick up your documents on specific dates. Assign one or two trustworthy employees to oversee the document security management program. Make sure the recycling bins and wastepaper baskets in the office are secure. Employees may accidentally throw confidential documents in the trash.

Establish a requirement that confidential documents must be in locked filing cabinets when employees step away from their desks. The printers in the office should be located in a secure area of the workplace. Require employees to use a security code to access the printer.

Privacy and Compliance

Security breaches in the workplace are on the rise throughout the world and makes headlines. More consumer’s personal information is at risk with many business owners unaware of the dangers. Industry experts are recommending businesses are proactive in maintaining their customer’s privacy. Legislation compliance is also important to avoid an accidental security breach that results in a lawsuit.

Fraud Risks and Prevention

Prevention is the best method for keeping sensitive data in the workplace safe and secure. There are also internal threats to data protection that comes from inside the workplace. Employees should go through a new employee orientation that includes information about fraud risks and prevention techniques. Making employees aware of the scope of the problem and the consequences that result is a good starting place.

The most vulnerable areas inside the workplace include unorganized desks, recycling and waste bins, office printers and IT device storage issues. Encourage employees to keep their desks organized and sensitive information filed in locked cabinets.

IT device storage issues can be addressed with your IT personnel. Hold regular data security meetings with key employees and ask for suggestions and advice to make the workplace more secure. Business fraud can cause serious financial hardship for companies without a security data plan that works to prevent fraud in the workplace.

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