Canada is a country rich in heritage, but with little renowned for it, nor the unique artistic history, which accompanies it. However, some organizations, such as the Canadian Heritage, Building Communities via the Arts and Heritage Program, are intent on helping both Canadians and tourists celebrate our growing communities, both past and present.
Canada today is filled yearly with local festivals and community celebrations. Many of these programs increase notoriety of local artisans and artists by featuring them in communal festivities. There were around 2495 arts and heritage projects in over 888 communities between 2011 and 2012, and they were mostly on a volunteer basis. The Canadian people are blessed with some wonderful Canadian Art Funding, like the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF), which currently supports well over 600 projects over 250 communities.
Canada is seeking to improve and stimulate conditions for the artistic creativity and innovation of local artists and artisans, by increasing access to performing arts, visual arts, and media arts programs, along with museums and heritage exhibits. Not to mention, the Games of La Francophonie are held every four years, hosting almost 3,000 athletes and artists from 77 member and observer states and governments of La Francophonie. These are the ONLY international games featuring artistic, cultural and sport competitions.
Canada offers a wealth of beauty, culture, art and history, well worth taking an interest in. Here are some Canadian facts, Canadian custom promotional products and more.

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